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FAQ about our Passport Photo and Visa Photo services

Who are you?

Doi Camera - we are in this business since 1971 here in NYC.


Where are you?

250 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017 (= 46th Street and Vanderbilt Ave.) Click here for more details.


What is your business hours?

Please click here for our business hours and holiday closings.


Are you open weekends?

Please click here for our weekend schedule.


Do I need an appointment for my passport photo taken?

No. We don't take any appointments, please walk in.


How much are my passport photos?

Our Price List is here.


When will my photos be ready?

Most photos and digital photo files will be ready while you wait. in 5-15 minutes.


What to wear (proper attire for ID photo) ?

click here for proper attire for ID photos.


I have a digital image on my phone. Can I send the file so you can print ID photos for me?

No, we don't.


Can you take Digital Passport Photo, or Digital Visa Photo?

Yes, we do.
We are offering digital ID photos in various formats, including DS160 US visa and Green Card Lottery.
Please see here for more details.


Can you retouch my photo for better looking?

No we don't. We are not allowed to do such touch ups.


I was told not to smile for Passport Photos. Why not?

The short answer is the new Biometric Passport Photo system, Learn more here.


I need international passport photos. What countries are you processing?

We are handling over 60 countries. See more details here.


Can you take Visa Photos with color background?

Yes we can. See more details here.


Do you keep my files at your sore so I can ask for extra prints later?

Because of the security reason, we don't keep any customer's files on our system.


Do I need new passport photos because of my New tattoos, Beard, Hair Dye or Gender Transition?
  see here

If you have more questions, please contact us - contact form.



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