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Film Process in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

35mm Color Negative Film Develop, Photo CD and Print in New York.

35mm Color Negative Film - Develop only.
35mm Color Negative Film - Develop and Photo CD.
35mm Color Negative Film - Develop and Prints
35mm Color Negative Film - Develop, Prints and Photo CD.

Turn around time: 3 to 4 days, no rush film processing available anymore.

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For your Film, Camera and other Photo Equipment needs, we recommend B&H Photo.
The price you see on their website is the price you will pay at the store.
Very honest.


Links for your convenience:
Processing for Discontinued Film - Disc Film, 126 film and 127 film.


Camera Repair, New York, NYC, NY

We are not offering camera or camcorder repair services.

If you are in New York aerie and have an issue on your camera or camcorder, the best way to handle is to check maker's Website, go to service, and type in your zip code.
There you will find nearest authorized repair center(s).
Most manufactures don't repair by themselves anyway, so you can expect same level of service from these local repair facilities.

If you are in New York City, put a Manhattan's zip code, then you can just go to the facility by bus or subway and hand it over to them in person. You can explain the problem and might be able to get the job estimate over the counter.

Here are some manufacture's service links:

Konica / Minolta


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